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What our clients say

As a first-time author, the world of copyright was terra incognita to me. Copyright Correct was extremely helpful in providing prompt and detailed advice on the pitfalls to avoid, and on how to obtain clearance for use of images which might otherwise have led to legal complications. Their service gave me peace of mind, and reassurance that I had done what was necessary to stay within the law.

JC, Author

I was horrified when I heard of a small Company being fined £xxx for using images on their website without permission even though they had employed a Marketing Company to build it! Our business is only small and a fine like that would crucify the us. I therefore decided to employ Copyright Correct to check all the images on our site. For a fee of just £xxx they checked all the images and not only told us how many times each image was used on other sites, it told us whether they were from Picture libraries and if we needed to check if we had a licence. The report was concise and really easy to follow. I have now ensured all the necessary licences are in place and that cost us less the £xxx .In addition I found out our own images which we had shot were being used elsewhere to promote someone else's product so we can now address that too!
Tattoo Cover Up

Thank you for report Graham and for the great service! 
Kate and Son Décor

Copyright Correct have been absolutely brilliant at helping @BrentwoodConmunicationsLtd. with advising us which pictures were infringing copy-write on our website. Really helpful and efficient service. Thank you.
Brentwood Radios

Graham has been an invaluable consultant on all copyright concerns we've had over the years. He has pursued infringers of our copyrighted images and has recently created a bespoke contract for us. I highly recommend him for contract advise or any copyright issues or enquiries you may have.
Ed Reeve – photographer

As any photographer or videographer will come to know, starting off on the right foot with a client is always top of the list. But things get busy quickly, and it's easy to forget the legal ramifications of a misunderstanding further down the line. To that end, Graham worked with my business to produce a set of
terms and conditions that offer proper legal protection, and he did so with a really good personal approach and a genuinely honest and friendly manor. Recommended -

Tim Pestridge – photographer

Graham is very experienced in his field and always available to help and provide tailored support with anything related to contracts and copyright-related issues. It's always a pleasure to work with him!
Francesco Russo

Graham was recommended to me by a colleague in the picture library business when I set up the digital stock library, Foodanddrinkphotos back in 2005. Very soon he became an integral part of our business. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who knows about digital imagery and the complexities of digital rights and copyright as well as he does.
He is passionate about his work. Brilliant with people and also a highly skilled negotiator. You won’t find a nicer chap too. I can’t recommend him enough.

Graham Precey

I have known Graham for the best part of 12-15 years He is a true stock photography industry professional and pleasurable to work with. I recently contacted him regarding a copyright infringement case which with his involvement was promptly and amicably settled. Previously Graham had worked within my photo library business The Travel Library as a marketing and sales consultant. His knowledgeable understanding of image rights clearance and client requirements secured us many contracts. I fully recommend and endorse his skills
Philip Enticknap

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