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Photographer Contracts

Copyright Correct are now offering bespoke photographer contracts / terms and conditions.
This is a service that grew organically as we were asked more and more to provide advice on restricting the use of images shot for commissioned work by the client.

Many questions and areas of misinterpretation seem to arise after a photographer has been asked to shoot images for a particular client or project.

These include the ‘ownership’ of the image subsequent to the shoot, third party use by the client, promotion of the work by the photographer and more.

Therefore, we decided to offer a service whereby we provide a contract or terms and conditions document that maybe used as a permanent binding contract for all photographic commissions.
These will include (but not limited) to the following.


  1. Ownership and copyright of the images subsequent to the commission.

  2. Promotion of the work by the photographer. To include provision of use on the photographer web site, social media channels and more.

  3. A right to a full and correct credit to accompany all image use.

  4. Prevention of third party use of the images by the client – ensuring all subsequent sales are to the benefit of the photographer or representative.

  5. Placing of images with a stock library if relevant.

  6. Post processing

  7. Extra costs due to delay or change in initial brief

Extra points are and will be included after an initial brief by the photographer and a bespoke document created that maybe used by the photographer for all future commissioned work.

Do contact us if you feel this is of use to you.

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